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Edge Pro Sharpeners


More Precision. Faster Results.


What is Edge Pro?

The Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System is among the fastest and most precise sharpening systems on the market. It is a great machine for home kitchen use, hunting, and fishing, is manufactured from the highest quality materials in Hood River, Oregon, USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Why should I choose Edge Pro?

Edge Pro Apex sharpening systems are lightweight, require no electricity and fold down to store in a custom carrying case, making them incredibly portable and easy to maintain. The precision of these systems will extend the lifetime of your blades - get the most bang for your buck!

Even more reasons to choose Edge Pro!

Any flat surface can act as the perfect workbench for Edge Pro Systems. No hassle, just results! Edge Pro systems provide outstanding results, without a steep learning curve. Novices & experts can enjoy the same result - a razor sharp edge every time.


 Don't believe us? Check out what real customers have to say about Edge Pro!

"I am up way past my bedtime and have succeeded in putting a unbelievable edge on every knife that I own! This machine is simply amazing! .... All these years of sharpening on tri stones, electric machines and God knows what else I've used, and this machine puts the best edge on a knife that I have ever seen in a quarter of the time.

- Harold Day

"Back around Christmas I purchased an Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System from you. Now that I've had a significant amount of time with it, I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased I am! It's not very often I buy something and have it live up to ALL my expectations, but this is one. I honestly can't think of a way to improve it. Thanks for a great product!"

- John Caviness

 *All reviews courtesy of the official Edge Pro website.

"In less than a day , your device has ended twenty years of frustration with a dozen other patently unsatisfactory solutions to the problem."

- Bryant Cushing

"If there is a better sharpening system out there, I have yet to see it. This will be the last sharpening system you will ever have to purchase..."

- Darryl Young, Freelance writer


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