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  • Shapton Glass stone for Edge Pro

Shapton Glass Stones for the Edge Pro


Product Description

Shapton Glass Stones for Edge Pro

In our last contacts with Shapton has let us know they stopped making these smaller stones currently and I have basically reached the end of my inventory.  If you have a set and need to fill in a 320, 6000 or 30k grit stones I do have a some of those remaining and you can contact me to verify that.  I don't foresee having them available again in the near future.

Shapton Glass Stones for the Edge Pro are here!  Hard and fast cutting, these Shapton stones are true splash and go - no need to soak.  They are very long wearing and produce fabulous edges and a wonderful polish.

Factory made to size with no glass backing - these stones are the standard 5mm+ thick and are mounted to standard aluminum Edge Pro blanks so they will work with your Edge Pro Apex and Edge Pro Professional sharpeners - or the new Hapstone sharpeners.

Shapton Glass Stones for the Edge Pro range in grit from 220 to 30K grit - a full selection to let you choose the edge quality you prefer.

Please choose your desired grit from the drop down menu above. 

Shapton Glass Stone Grit  Price
220 Grit  66.82 micron  $35.00 
320 Grit  45.94 micron
500 Grit  29.4 micron
1000 Grit  14.7 micron
2000 Grit  7.35 micron
4000 Grit  3.68 micron
6000 Grit  2.45 micron
8000 Grit  1.84 micron
16,000 Grit  0.92 micron
30,000 Grit  0.49 micron
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